Sunday, May 1, 2016


This winter, I'm totally getting on board the fleecy jumper trend. 
Looking like you're in primary school again has never been so chic. 
I don't know about you but I lived in a bottle green fleece throughout primary school and also in the first few years of high school until we were able to wear the seniors jacket which was a bomber style jacket. 
Are we seeing a trend here? 
Fleece jumpers and bomber jackets are so in right now, looking back, I don't think they ever left.

I've been so obsessed with fleece jumpers ever since I saw the Acne Misty and Bird Fleece sweaters. 
Acne is synonymous for their seemingly basic designs with a trendy twist in the details. They also achieve that with a fresh colour palette they inject into each season. While pastel has been huge the past few years, I'm noticing it becoming muted. Muted pinks, dull baby blues and tawny beiges. 
I can't get enough of these colours. It's the perfect way of injecting colour into a chromophobes wardrobe, but I am the exact opposite of that. 
I love my pops of colour! 
Though I cringe thinking back to the neon yellow and neon pink skater dresses I use to parade in. 
 It was trendy at the time, I swear!

This fleece jumper is just a Gildan Fleece I picked up from eBay for $20. 
I found them to have the best colour range and this was the exact pink I was looking for. 
I had to re-work the shoulders to make it suit me. 
The original cut was too billowy and it just swallowed my frame. 
Those taller and leaner would probably be able to get away with the boxy cut.

If you're in Australia, one of the best places to get a fleece jumper is Lowes.
They are known to sell school uniform colours and I'm proud to say I've been buying my jumpers there since primary school.
They're cheap as chips and there's a wide variety of colours.

Enjoy your weekend!

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