Friday, August 30, 2013


I've been loving all the dungarees/overalls I'm seeing at the moment. There are some really fun ones out there and I think after this one, I'm planning on getting my hands on a few more pairs. My Spring/Summer is going to be filled with these! Afterall, if I loved them at 13, I don't see why I can't love them again at 31. I know, I know, a lady should never reveal her age, but let's face it, I'm not even close to being lady-like.

Though when I first got these, I did a very rare thing where I asked The Boy what he thought of them and his response was somewhere along the lines of, "Are you becoming a Mario Bros?"
Once again, if I loved the Mario Bros at 13........well you get the point.

Whether I look like I'm auditioning to become the 3rd Mario Bros or a Chippy (Australian slang for Carpenter), I still like them and I will try to rock 'em!....(again!)

YSL Ring

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I haven't been well for the past few days, 3rd time getting the flu this season, which really sucks. I'm finally feeling a little better apart from the fact that I sound like a pre-pubescent boy with a really bad cold. 

I've probably harped on a few posts about how amazingly sunny this Winter has been. This past week, it has been ridiculously hot and Winter hasn't even officialy ended yet. This tells me that this summer is going to be a scorcher!

What better way to welcome the warmer months than shooting this outfit poolside, in what I will probably be living in this summer, distressed denim shorts and loose tee's. Oh who am I kidding, I've lived in these for the past few summers.

Roxy Cut-Offs with DIY Studs
Eclectro Necklaces

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Of My Many Addictions

 Incase you couldn't guess, it's sunglasses!

There are just too many amazing pairs out there! If only I could afford all of them, and I'm sure you are thinking the same if you love sunnies as much as I do.

Well, with this little offer, you can get a little closer to owning the pairs you want. 

Otticanet and 4TheLoveOfPancakes would like to extend a 5% discount to all my lovely readers.

I have been purchasing my sunglasses from Otticanet for quite some time now. I have personally bought about 10 pairs of sunglasses from them, mostly for myself, but some as presents. I have also gotten some friends, colleagues and family to start buying from them.

Not only is the service beyond amazing, but the prices are just the most competitive I've seen so far, and trust me, I shop around, compare and do my research first when I have a purchase in mind. I'd like to know I'm getting the best deal out there. I remember finding a pair of sunglasses I had always wanted and it retailed for a ridiculous price. I found it on Otticanet for a fraction of the price, and because of that, I ended up getting 2 pairs for the price I was going to pay for one. After that, I was just hooked!

Here's a little tip; If you're impatient like me, make sure to check the available stock here first, as all sunnies in this section is available for immediate delivery. Otherwise, the friendly staff will give you a timeframe of when to expect your new goodies.

If you don't beleive me, check out their feedback.

Use Code: ANNE2608

Happy Shopping! 

Please share what you end up buying!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dag To The Bone

 I don't mind being the first to admit that I am the most daggiest person. While I love and appreciate a polished and well put together look, there's just something about being daggy, slouchy and comfortable.

Whether you're strutting in sky high heels and your newest dress or plodging along in your most worn in flats and baggiest tee, I think both end of the spectrum makes you exude confidence.

Here is one of my most go-to outfits, when I just don't feel like thinking at all. It's un-belted, certainly un-polished and kinda un-flattering, but you know what, I love a good daggy day!

Chanel Espadrilles (similar here)
Crystal Ear Cuff (similar here)