Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking Comfort In Unflattering Whites

Ok, so I have now succumbed to the fact that light coloured pants, especially white jeans is just unflattering on me. I mean especially if they are white boyfriend jeans, at least the blue jeans are a little bit more forgiving, but the white jeans just make me look about 2" tall.

It's all good though cos these jeans are so comfortable. Plus I've been loving my all white ensembles of late. My theory is that the whiter the clothes, the more the heat deflects from you. Whether that's true or not, my mind seems to think so and it stops my brain and my physical self from having a melt down, pun intended.

Capturing the beauty of Sydney's Hyde Park during a beautiful Summer day. Nature wanted to show it's bright colours and I certainly did not want to compete.

Have a lovely Friday!

Valleygirl Basic Tee (Similar here and here)
JayJay's White Boyfriend Jeans (Similar here)
Chanel Vintage Bag
Valentino Rockstud Flats (Similar here)

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I've been in love with Cameo's Reflection Bustier since it first came out in leopard print, but by the time I really deeply wanted it, the leopard print went extinct (pun intended!). Then came out this amazing print and instantly fell in-love. I was in luck, as it was about to be my birthday and Christmas at the same time and this was high on my wishlist.

I've been desperately trying to think of ways to dress it down and what better way than to stick a simple singlet and ripped skinny jeans with it. Plus I'm definitely not one to care about clashing prints, (just as long as you don't look like a shabby chic doona cover, which I love, but I don't want to look like one) with the black and white geometric print, teaming it with leopard print shoes and a statement red clutch was just a perfect combo for me.

Happy Australia Day Long Weekend to all!

Cameo Reflection Bustier (Also Available here and here)
ASOS White Tank (similar here)
Zara Jeans (DIY rips - similar here)
Givenchy Antigona Clutch
YSL Arty & Etsy Rings
Disney Couture Necklace

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walk In The Park

Ok so this isn't technically a Park, it's a Botanic Garden, I love it nonetheless. It's just so peaceful and scenic, plus you always manage to make friends with lizards and spiders or whatever insects or creature that either end up in your mouth while you're talking or getting tangled in your frizzy hair. No? You've never had a poor fly get tangled in your hair? Must just be me then, I really should look into getting all my split ends cut off.

I thought a nice white and basic outfit was appropriate for this adventure, until you realize that no clothing is what's more appropriate in the ridiculous summers that Australia offers. But seeing as being naked in public is probably a felony then naked is not an option. Keeping it in simple light basics that deflect the sun is the next best thing.

Forever21 Basic White Tee
Chloe Suzanna Ankle Boots
Celine Trio Bag
DIY Star Lariat Necklace

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I received these Tony Bianco 'Aileen' Heels for my Birthday/Christmas. I've been lusting after black lace-up heels like the Azzedine Alaia Heels after seeing them on Barbara Martello here

I'm never going to be her no matter how much I wish for it, nor am I ever going to afford the real deal and even if I could afford them, I would need to move heaven and earth to actually locate them in my size. 

Then Tony Bianco decided to make a look-alike for me (yes the world revolves around me - I wish!). I was super excited when I came across them and now I am ridiculously obsessed with them even if it takes about half an hour to put each shoe on.

Have a lovely weekend folks!

JayJay's Boyfriend Jeans with Extra DIY Rips (Old) - Similar Here
Roxy Watch (Old) - Similar Here
DIY Star Lariat Necklace

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lately, On The Gram Of Insta...

Just a few piccies from my Instagram of late. I am slightly addicted to Insty, I love seeing other peoples photos too. I love getting inspired and collecting ideas from photos.

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