Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everly And Diego

As much as I complain about the heat and wanting it to be colder, I have actually been missing warmer weather attire. The good thing about Australia, even though it's meant to be the middle of Autumn, when the sun is out, it can still get very warm. The only sucky thing is that you never know what to leave the house with. If only carrying a small suitcase containing a few weather appropriate outfit changes was easy to do, then I'd be all over it. So shorts with boots are the best bet the rest of your lower limbs won't freeze off. I can't really rave enough about these Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boots. I have never owned a pair of boots that doesn't weigh a ton, so easy to walk in!

Speaking of weight, this Alexander Wang Diego bag probably weighs more than 10 pairs of these boots combined. As heavy as it is, I love it to pieces! The leather is also pretty damn amazing and I'm pretty sure all the weight is due to the extremely thick and chewy leather and let's face it, I go crazy for anything with studs on it. I think if you studded a pair of Crocs, it would get a second glance from me and that's saying a lot!

Chambray: JayJay's / Shorts: eBay / Bag: Alexander Wang / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell / Sunglasses: Oakley / Necklace: Lovisa / Rings: Etsy & YSL


  1. love the look :)

  2. Your shirt is so pretty!!! Love it with the red shorts!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog! And i have to say, i love all your clothes!
    Hope you can follow me, big kiss*

  4. A denim button up is a must! I love how you've paired it with the pink shorts! xx

  5. Loooooooooooove your outfit!!! The boots and the necklace are just too cool!

    Kisses darling


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