Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh Susanna!

Everytime I lay my eyes or wear these Chloe boots, it makes me psychotically happy inside. I think if I could be a shoe, this would sum me up perfectly. The moment I laid eyes on these babies, which was a photo I came across of somewhere, I felt I had to have it. Or at least something that looked like it after finding out how much it cost. 

Now I'm not here to rub your noses in what I've acquired. I've just been blessed in the past and am incredibly grateful. My point is that looks for less have always been a god-send. On my crazy search for a pair of boots that looked similar, I came across a UK brand called Office (here). The overall look of the Office 'Nighthawk' was the closest amongst all the other ones I found. This was a while ago, so the looks-for-less of the studded boots was very hard to come by at the time. But I had the Office pair for a bit and loved them and eventually sold them on when I finally got the Chloes.

But incase you are unable to locate them anywhere, here are some similar boots:

Denim Jacket: Manly Market Find / Tee: One Teaspoon / Skirt: DIY / Bag: Balenciaga / Boots: Chloe / Necklace: Sportsgirl / Sunglasses: Oakley

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