Thursday, May 16, 2013

Basic Staples

Yesterday for me was officially the start of Autumn. While the sun was in full swing and hardly any cloud in the sky, the wind was extremely chilly.

I was also quite excited to be able to wear this coat. I got this a few months back and actually took it to my U.S trip with me. I had packed it in one of the zipped compartment in my suitcase and forgot that it was there the whole trip. Looking back, this would have been perfect for New York, I instead went and bought a quilted parka while there, which saved me from being a human popsicle.

I love the leather detailing on the sleeve, which will make this a staple for the season to come. All these pieces are simple staples, in basic colours that you can mix and match and basically have for years to come. These Chloe boots are finally starting to break in and is starting to get that slouchy worn-in look I've been wanting. This Antigona bag will be perfecto for the cold rainy months. The leather is impenetrable, water just slides off! We all need that bag where you don't get a minor heart attack when you feel a tiny rain drop on your head. Trust me, I've been caught in a downpour in one of my Balenciagas and I had to take off my jacket to protect the bag, instead of covering myself. Never mind that I chose to wear a semi-see-through chiffon blouse that day, it was not pretty folks!

Until next time!

Jacket: eBay / Pants: J Brand / Top: Valleygirl / Boots: Chloe / Bag: Givenchy / Necklace: Lovisa / Sunglasses: Prada / Rings: Etsy


  1. i love the givenchy bag! longing for one in your outfit! great combo!

    The Fashion Menue

  2. Wow love the bag.
    Your nails are incredible.
    Outfit is fabulous!!
    You're such a doll :)

    xx Haylee


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