Friday, May 17, 2013

The Collection, So Far........

A few months back, I did a collage collection of my other accessories here and I've been meaning to do one of my shoes and bags.

A common theme that you see in most of my outfits is that  my clothing are bargain finds or DIY's, while my accessories like bags and shoes are a little more on the splurge side. I figure if I end up weighing like the size of a small elephant, I will still be able to use these items.

Looking at it all laid out like this, makes me feel a little better that it's not too out of hand yet. Though in the next year or two I plan to add a Givenchy Nightingale to the collection. That's one bag I've wanted since the dawn of time (exaggeration never hurt anyone).

Due to my unemployment status, (why won't anyone give me a job?! If not for the financial reasons, just for the fact that I'm getting hooked on Bold & The Beautiful again! HELP!) I've been forced to shop in my own closet of late. It hasn't been bad so far. It's forced me to appreciate and actually use the things I have. It's also forced me to start altering the items of clothing I've purchased and not worn cos it was either too long, or too big, or I bought it for the purpose of making it into something else. It's amazing how good it feels when you finish altering a pile of clothes, it's like you just bought new items without spending a cent. For now, I am off to clean and condition my bags. Gotta keep them in tip-top shape! It would probably sound better if I said my social life is waning due to my being unemployed, unfortunately, I am as sad as they come. Nothing I enjoy more than staying home, especially since I get really sleepy by 9pm.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope the weekend brings you fab weather and great company.


  1. Ohmigosh! I luuuurve these pictures! I can't even choose a favorite, they're all so awesome. :O And I must say - you have a REALLY well curated collection of accessories. I also notice you've acquired the neon yellow MK Selma satchel? ;D Really a sucker for neon, huh? Haha! Oh, and you reeeeeally need to do outfit posts with the outfit with the white blazer + yellow MK and the one with the stripy dress/top, straw hat and yellow MK bag. I really wanna see those on! :)

    And now I'm getting blabby here, but I really liked this post! Such a fun one. The neon pink/yellow collage and the bag collages are especially awesome, and totally convinced me that I NEED to get me a Latte/Rosegold Rocco in the States if my budget allows. :D

    1. Haha Maja, I like a good blab so it's all good.

      Thank you! Those 2 outfits you mentioned are going to get posted soon. I don't know what it is about neon that draws me in. Colour makes me happy and I suppose the brighter the better.

      When I was in NY, and not sure if other states have it. I stumbled upon Barneys Co-Op store and they had a Rocco on sale. I'm sure there will be half yearly/end of financial year sales when you get there, so i'm hoping you get lucky. Can't wait to see all your photos.

      Anne xox

  2. i came across this post, and am wondering if you have modeling shot of the neon yellow selma? what size is it? cuz i'm trying to figure out the different between the mini messenger and the medium messenger. thanks a lot!


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