Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everly And Diego

As much as I complain about the heat and wanting it to be colder, I have actually been missing warmer weather attire. The good thing about Australia, even though it's meant to be the middle of Autumn, when the sun is out, it can still get very warm. The only sucky thing is that you never know what to leave the house with. If only carrying a small suitcase containing a few weather appropriate outfit changes was easy to do, then I'd be all over it. So shorts with boots are the best bet the rest of your lower limbs won't freeze off. I can't really rave enough about these Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boots. I have never owned a pair of boots that doesn't weigh a ton, so easy to walk in!

Speaking of weight, this Alexander Wang Diego bag probably weighs more than 10 pairs of these boots combined. As heavy as it is, I love it to pieces! The leather is also pretty damn amazing and I'm pretty sure all the weight is due to the extremely thick and chewy leather and let's face it, I go crazy for anything with studs on it. I think if you studded a pair of Crocs, it would get a second glance from me and that's saying a lot!

Chambray: JayJay's / Shorts: eBay / Bag: Alexander Wang / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell / Sunglasses: Oakley / Necklace: Lovisa / Rings: Etsy & YSL

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monochrome & Mixed Metals

As much as I love a colourful outfit, nothing really beats black and white. It's classic and crisp and can be dressed up or down. You could be having the worse morning trying to figure out what to wear, if you team anything monochrome together, you bet that you won't be leaving the house with a fear of clashing prints or colours. 

Not to say clashing is a bad thing. The word alone invokes a negative connotation, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are some people who don't buy certain items as it contains a different coloured hardware to what jewellery they normally wear. Far be it from me to tell you what to do, we all have our 'thing'. But to me, that just sounds really ridiculous. There are so many gorgeous items out there and frankly, I don't have the time or mental stamina to stop and co-ordinate my jewellery hardware to the hardware on my handbag or shoes. Life is too short!

At any one time, every single time I leave the house, I have at least 3 different coloured metals on me. It's usually silver, gold and rosegold and that's just the rings. I guess I just always love the saying "The more the merrier". 

And trust me, it's pretty merry where I am!

Top: Valleygirl / Skort: eBay / Bag: Chanel / Shoes: Siren / Necklace: Both Lovisa / Bracelet: Balenciaga / Rings: Etsy

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh Susanna!

Everytime I lay my eyes or wear these Chloe boots, it makes me psychotically happy inside. I think if I could be a shoe, this would sum me up perfectly. The moment I laid eyes on these babies, which was a photo I came across of somewhere, I felt I had to have it. Or at least something that looked like it after finding out how much it cost. 

Now I'm not here to rub your noses in what I've acquired. I've just been blessed in the past and am incredibly grateful. My point is that looks for less have always been a god-send. On my crazy search for a pair of boots that looked similar, I came across a UK brand called Office (here). The overall look of the Office 'Nighthawk' was the closest amongst all the other ones I found. This was a while ago, so the looks-for-less of the studded boots was very hard to come by at the time. But I had the Office pair for a bit and loved them and eventually sold them on when I finally got the Chloes.

But incase you are unable to locate them anywhere, here are some similar boots:

Denim Jacket: Manly Market Find / Tee: One Teaspoon / Skirt: DIY / Bag: Balenciaga / Boots: Chloe / Necklace: Sportsgirl / Sunglasses: Oakley

Friday, May 24, 2013

Army, Nautical and Neon

This vest is such a life saver when it's windy and you're wearing something short, and I cannot get enough it! It's also such a great item during transitional seasons when the weather is still trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up. 

Stripes, anything neon and ankle boots are my biggest weakness. I hoard these things like a Bower bird, collecting the same items so I can attract a mate. I'm not really trying to attract a mate per say, i'm pretty sure the boy can't compute half the items I wear anyway. Like the time I asked him what he thought of the Sass and Bide harness, he asked why I needed a harness and if I was a horse. Enough said.

There's just something about stripes that attract me to it, I can't even come close to explaining it, but it just seems to look good on anyone and with anything. Neons, I can explain a little better, I love colour, the brighter the better. Ankle boots, doesn't really need much explaining. Even if you're vertically challenged, they look good. I've tried knee high and mid-calf boots, but they just don't have the same edge as what ankle boots can give you. These Jeffrey Campbell boots are my most favourite, they're not clunky in look and weight. I have sandals heavier than these boots and that's very hard to come by. This is definitely a winter staple.

Dress: Valleygirl / Vest: JayJay's (here) / Bag: Michael Kors (here or here) / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (here or here) / Necklace: Sportsgirl / Hat: Market Find / Sunglasses: Raybans / Rings: YSL (here) & Etsy (here)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We have been blessed with the best weather the past few months. Though we are finally feeling the sting of these chilly Autumn winds, the sun has not stopped smiling at us. Giving us endless blue skies....until today. It has unfortunately been gloomy and extremely chilly here and now it is raining. The rain is much needed though, but when it's gloomy, my mood follows suit.

As much as I love the colder months, I think I get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The acronym of this type of depression is very appropriate. Apparently it is more common in women and can also happen during summer. I mainly get it during winter where daylight is much shorter and gloominess and rain is more prevalent. This is why I don't think I'd cope well in either England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales (elastics anyone?).

So I digress, this is late posting, but over the weekend we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather we've been having and decided to have a picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney next to the picturesque Opera House where you have the most amazing view of The Harbour Bridge. It's days like these you just get down on your knees and thank whoever deity you believe in that you are alive and living in such a beautiful place. Or in our cases, we got down on our knees to fetch the dozen donuts sitting in their plastic containers. Either way, it's great to be alive!

Happy Hump Day!