Friday, May 24, 2013

Army, Nautical and Neon

This vest is such a life saver when it's windy and you're wearing something short, and I cannot get enough it! It's also such a great item during transitional seasons when the weather is still trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up. 

Stripes, anything neon and ankle boots are my biggest weakness. I hoard these things like a Bower bird, collecting the same items so I can attract a mate. I'm not really trying to attract a mate per say, i'm pretty sure the boy can't compute half the items I wear anyway. Like the time I asked him what he thought of the Sass and Bide harness, he asked why I needed a harness and if I was a horse. Enough said.

There's just something about stripes that attract me to it, I can't even come close to explaining it, but it just seems to look good on anyone and with anything. Neons, I can explain a little better, I love colour, the brighter the better. Ankle boots, doesn't really need much explaining. Even if you're vertically challenged, they look good. I've tried knee high and mid-calf boots, but they just don't have the same edge as what ankle boots can give you. These Jeffrey Campbell boots are my most favourite, they're not clunky in look and weight. I have sandals heavier than these boots and that's very hard to come by. This is definitely a winter staple.

Dress: Valleygirl / Vest: JayJay's (here) / Bag: Michael Kors (here or here) / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (here or here) / Necklace: Sportsgirl / Hat: Market Find / Sunglasses: Raybans / Rings: YSL (here) & Etsy (here)


  1. your bag is so freaking cooool <3

  2. Eeeeee! Love the outfit! Especially with the hat. The hat totally completes the whole look. :D And by the by - you are NOT the only sucker for stripes and ankle boots. I haven't quite managed to get that into the whole neon thing just yet, but boots and breton? Hell yes!! Ankle boots of any variety are my bread and butter - with chunky heels, with stiletto heels, with no heels, Chelsea boots, biker boots, clunky boots, slouchy boots...I'm gonna love 'em. And I mean...stripes...nothing says summer like stripes, and being a constantly summer-deprived northerner, I'll take any hint of summer I can get. ;D


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