Sunday, May 5, 2013


On the tour bus getting taken to the Golden Gate Bridge
The extremely adorable, but smelly, seals at Pier 39 in San Francisco
We were told that someone tried to take a limousine down Lombard St, needless to say it was unsuccessful.
Amazing view on top of the San Fran's crookedest street, Lombard Street.
Mine and my sisters Balenciaga haul, though, 2 item's were eventually swapped for different colours and the Bleu Acier bag was returned.
World Trade Centre site
Tall amazing buildings in NYC on a gloomy day.

It was so surreal being here.
My love for Balenciaga heightened on this trip, as they were all at arms length.
View from the 82nd floor on The Empire State Building.
"My, what big balls you have!" - Being silly with the Christmas tree outside Girardelli Chocolate in San Francisco
Central Park is so beautiful on a sunny winters day
Magical at Central Park
Bally's in Atlantic City
Waiting for the Obama's to open the gate......"Helloooo..."
Playing around with the fish-eye lens at the World Trade Center site, can you tell im very cold?
New York streets are as beautiful in person, even on a dreary dark day.

I'm getting a little nostalgic about my trip in the US back in Dec 2012. 

Looking back, I wish I had done more sight seeing rather than getting taken over by the shopping beast. There was just so many things I wanted to do and see, half the time I didn't know where to begin. Plus having 3 other people in tow with you, it kind of takes its toll on you. Everyday I just felt exhausted about 5 hours in to the day, I couldn't really explain it. It was an out of the blue trip that was planned in less than 2 weeks so there was really no time to try and organize anything beforehand. It was fun nonetheless.

It's a place I definitely need to go back again and this time, plan it out so I get to see what every tourist needs to see. I have always dreamed of shopping and visiting all the gorgeous stores I only get to hear about in the US. So I think this initial trip, I just got carried away with wanting to shop. Next time i'll definitely try to cut down - famous last words.


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