Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking Comfort In Unflattering Whites

Ok, so I have now succumbed to the fact that light coloured pants, especially white jeans is just unflattering on me. I mean especially if they are white boyfriend jeans, at least the blue jeans are a little bit more forgiving, but the white jeans just make me look about 2" tall.

It's all good though cos these jeans are so comfortable. Plus I've been loving my all white ensembles of late. My theory is that the whiter the clothes, the more the heat deflects from you. Whether that's true or not, my mind seems to think so and it stops my brain and my physical self from having a melt down, pun intended.

Capturing the beauty of Sydney's Hyde Park during a beautiful Summer day. Nature wanted to show it's bright colours and I certainly did not want to compete.

Have a lovely Friday!

Valleygirl Basic Tee (Similar here and here)
JayJay's White Boyfriend Jeans (Similar here)
Chanel Vintage Bag
Valentino Rockstud Flats (Similar here)


  1. U really pull this look off!! Love this look on u Xxandii ohthatblog


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