Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walk In The Park

Ok so this isn't technically a Park, it's a Botanic Garden, I love it nonetheless. It's just so peaceful and scenic, plus you always manage to make friends with lizards and spiders or whatever insects or creature that either end up in your mouth while you're talking or getting tangled in your frizzy hair. No? You've never had a poor fly get tangled in your hair? Must just be me then, I really should look into getting all my split ends cut off.

I thought a nice white and basic outfit was appropriate for this adventure, until you realize that no clothing is what's more appropriate in the ridiculous summers that Australia offers. But seeing as being naked in public is probably a felony then naked is not an option. Keeping it in simple light basics that deflect the sun is the next best thing.

Forever21 Basic White Tee
Chloe Suzanna Ankle Boots
Celine Trio Bag
DIY Star Lariat Necklace

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