Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reef Print

To say that I've always wanted this Josh Goot reef print vest is an understatement. Did I ache for it? Maybe (ok yes, very badly!). To be honest, I would have given up my furry friends for it! Poor things!

Even though it's older season, and everyone has seen it and is probably sick of it by now, this to me just cements the fact that I wasn't just crushing on it at the time. I love it so much that I know I will be rocking this for years to come (and not just the fact that I take 5 seconds of my mornings while getting dressed, to take it out, sit down and pat it and marvel at how beautiful it is), cue insane music. Is it also weird that it calms me and makes me happy?

Unfortunately I do not have the financial freedom to always have the latest IT items. Im a true shop-a-holic at heart and I also love fashion in general, so there will always be things I'll covet, but it's like picking your battles, you can't always win/have them all.

Remember to never let the things you want, make you forget the things you have.

K-Mart Long Sleeve Tee
Rusty Denim Shorts (DIY studs)


  1. I think for a lot of People it's WAY too easy to forget the things you have and already love in favor of the next IT-item of the season, which is really kind of silly because it means you'll never really be happy with what you have and your yhings won't get used as much as they deserve. And believe me, I know the feeling of liking something for ages and then finally (FINALLY!) hunting it down. :D I'm that way with a lot of my more expensive items. Like the Rocco, which I've literally wanted since the moment it came out years ago. Though I must admit the Alexander Wang Prisma Flat clutch I picked up at 70% off as a total impulse yesterday may not have been one of those Things...haha! xD

  2. coolest jacket EVER!
    And the bag,,,, <3


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