Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Touch Of Fuschia

It's amazing what a hint of your favourite colour can add to an all black outfit. Really though, any bright colour is my favourite, but there's something about fuschia or pink that just makes me gravitate towards it more than any other colour. For the longest time though, I was really embarrassed to admit that pink was my favourite colour. It's just such a cliche colour for a girl to like. It's very hard to ignore a colour that brings so much punch and vibrancy aswell as playfulness.

Happy Hump Day!

Leather Jacket: Leather Cargo
Jeans: Zara
Tee: Skreened
Shoes: Etsy
Bag: Givenchy
Sunglasses: Prada
Necklaces: Sportsgirl & Lovisa


  1. Amazing shoes and the necklace.... OMG! <3

  2. omg seriously are you kiddin'?? each one of your outfits is just perfection! love love love the necklace with the tee and the studded heels:)
    would totally, definitely wear this!
    you daaaamnn rock:)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland,

  3. Anne, your outfit post are always so inspirtional! i just love love love your style! hugs from California. :) You state that your shoes are from etsy can you please let me know the name of the shoe? are these valentinos?

    Thanks Much!


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