Monday, January 21, 2013

Concrete Jungle Where My Dreams Are Made Of

For as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to visit New York. The opportunity presented itself when I got made redundant from my job. What better way to drown my sorrows than in the streets of the most craziest city especially during Christmas holidays.

Looking back now, maybe going at the most busiest time of year may not have been the best idea. But it was definitely an experience.

As a girl who grew up away from city, I was always fascinated by it. I love being surrounded by the hustle and bustle. I always felt safer that there were still people roaming about at all hours of the day.

Comparing Sydney to New York is like comparing apples and tuna. So when I finally set foot in New York, apart from jet lag and thinking I was going to die in the taxi ride from JFK to my hotel, my heart melted. I needed to pinch myself, I was finally here. I hadn't had a wink of sleep for nearly 20hrs, but there was no way I was wasting a nice sunny winter day in bed.

That night we went to see Times Square and walked through Madison and Fifth and past all the gorgeous shops like Saks and Barneys. 

I did have an ulterior motive to my wanting to go to New York. I knew that they had a Balenciaga boutique. While Barneys and Neimans at San Francisco satiated my thirst of seeing these gorgeous bags, I needed to step into one of its boutique to make it feel like this trip was worthwhile. If I couldn't do anything else and this was the only thing I achieved, it was worth the 16hr hell that is the plane trip.

I was warned that food portions in New York could feed a large male elephant and they weren't lying. I love me some pancakes and I can scoff them down, but when one was presented to me the size of satellite discs, not one, but three stacks, I had to admit defeat. Don't even get me started on the obsession I developed for Sweet N' Lows, those things honestly make anything and everything taste nicer.

Also, one of my wish list was to go see the Seinfeld restaurant. Now I know they didn't really film in this restaurant and there was only about 2 -3 still images of this place that were shown in the 100's of episodes in the series. To say that I was a huge Seinfeld fan is an understatement. So this was a must stop. On the way there I stumbled into the Barney's Co-op store, so the Gods were happy that way, I know I was.

All in all, its a place I need to visit again. Not because I didn't get to see the whole of Central Park, or that I couldn't visit The Statue Of Liberty, who goes to NY and not visit The Statue of Liberty? Well Sandy had just happened and no one was allowed on the island, it was only ferry rides that were allowed to circle the thing. My excuse and sticking with it.

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  1. beautiful places!!
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