Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's a rare occasion where bright colours are devoid from my outfits. I gravitate towards them so my wardrobe is a fruit salad of neons and brights, so I can't really escape them. Lately though, I've tried to really embrace and experiment with just keeping it simple and low key.

I'm also not one to match my shoes and bags (who has the mental energy anymore?), but on this occasion and purely by accident (maybe my mind has finally turned) the shoes and bag are in the same colour-family. Maybe i'm delusional, in a sense where I think anything and everything in my wardrobe, shoes, bags and accessories alike, go with every single item I own. I think for a long time now I have developed my own sense of style and know what does and doesn't suit me. So in my head I think I have curated the best wardrobe for myself where everything matches each other. My point is, sometimes when I throw on things together, they stay that way. I rarely scramble and decide in the last minute to wear a different shoe or bag. This doesn't necessarily guarantee that I look normal when I leave the house.

Top: Valleygirl (similar here) / Shorts: Roxy DIY studs (similar here) / Leatherette Cap: eBay (similar here) / Bag: Balenciaga (here) / Shoes: Isabel Marant (here) / Watch: Roxy / Bangles: Market Finds / Rings: YSL & Etsy / Necklaces: Both from Etsy

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