Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Winter Cozies


Do you ever have those days or weeks where you just look into your wardrobe and feel like there is nothing to wear? Nothing inspires you and nothing gets you excited? I am having one of those, and it's been 2 weeks and counting. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm really trying to cut down on buying anything. I know that I've always blabbed on about how no matter how boring your clothes are, you can resuscitate it by accessorizing. Don't get me wrong, that way of thinking, for me anyway, is never going to leave me. I 100% believe that. But in my current rut, even my accessories are looking dull and old.  My everyday go to pieces are starting to bore me. Maybe it's just the shopaholic in me, I haven't had that new item smell to get excited about.

I also started to get sick yesterday and at the worst timing too! The above outfit is a previous outfit I haven't had a chance to put up. In my state of malaise, I found it and felt it suited my mood today. This is a mens chunky knit jumper and I fell in-love with how big it is, it's nearly swallowing me, but it's the most comfiest thing ever. For dreary days, it sometimes doesn't hurt to mirror the weather or your personal mood.

Jumper: Lowes (here) / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Isabel Marant (here) / Bag: Balenciaga (here) / Necklace: Lovisa / Rings: YSL & Etsy / Watch: Fossil (here)

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  1. Wow, your necklace is stunning!
    - Charlotte
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