Monday, November 18, 2013


I went to the flower market for the first time the other day and it was, not to sound like I'm over reacting, magical! It's strange, as I always thought it was odd that people would wake up so early just to go get flowers, what was so exciting? I mean there are florists everywhere, right?

Well apart from flowers being RIDONKULOUSLY cheap! There was just a massive array to choose from.

My favourite flowers are Peonies. It's strange that they're my favourite considering I've never seen them in person until that day. Let's just say they don't disappoint. Unfortunately though, I can't display the flowers all over the house as the cats have taken a liking to them. I turned around for one second and one tulip had teeth marks. Tulips and Peonies are toxic to cats and dogs and didn't want to take that risk, so in my room they stay. They make my room not only smell amazing but much brighter. Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is run to my room and see how much the Peonies, Roses and Tulips have opened.

Let's just say I plan for this to become a monthly thing. Next time though I'm going to check out the produce section. I mean, who does not love a good day out for some fresh produce and flowers at market prices, even if you have to wake up at 5am.

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  1. you look absolutely stunning! love all the flowers you bought, they look amazing in your lovely space! and love having fresh flowers in my room - makes me solo happy:)
    lots of love honeyyyy,


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