Friday, August 22, 2014


What can I say about this vest? Well first of all, it's not a vest, its a dress, so it actually serves 2 purpose and it doesn't look bad being worn either way.

It's one of those clothing items that I think you either love or hate. I was initially iffy about it, is it just too trendy? Will I love it later on? To me, the answer is YES and YES! While I'm not into really "trendy" items, I however like out-of-the-norm pieces and this is one of those pieces. My boyfriend hates it with a passion. Usually when I ask him what he thinks about what I'm currently wearing, if he likes it, he will say "Yeah." (that's all I ever get!), or if he hates it or is confused by it, his reply is "Do you like it?", and his reply to this vest was the latter.

I'm never one to care what anyone thinks about what I'm wearing. If I like it, it's all that matters, yeah it's cliched, but in my time, I've had some very confusing items to some people. Very rarely do I come across anyone who has the same taste as me. Granted I dress very boring all of the time, it's only cos I dress for my lifestyle. I have nowhere Avante Garde to go, to wear something so ridiculous. But I think with this piece, I may start. If they're going to look, I'll make it worth their while, and probably cause some retina damage at the same time.

KMart Long Sleeve Top
Rockstud Flats
Givenchy Antigona

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