Sunday, September 21, 2014

White + Red + Stripes

I've mentioned before that I will essentially be living in white for the warmer months. What better way to repel the deathly stinging rays of the Australian summer than white. The past few months now I have been collecting a lot of white tops, looking back at them I notice a theme, they're all soft and billowy and have some sort of crochet or lace on them. I guess I'm going to look a lot like a hippy pharmacist, I'm down with that!

This dress was born from a culmination of frustration and bad luck. I found a similar dress at Zara, after walking away from it and telling myself I didn't need it, I eventually went back to try and get it.  However the material was so thin that there was a hole or a pull on every single one of them and I ain't parting with my hard earned moulah for that, ok maybe not hard earned, just earned!

I searched the interweb and practically every website known to a crazy online shopper and found nothing that I loved in my price range. So I trekked it to my local Korean fabric shop, bought this white material for $4 per metre and sat down and finally used my brain to create a pattern. There was definitely some trial and error as I went. Luckily, I perceive myself to be wider than I am so there was a lot of room to make mistakes and just take them in towards the end. Pretty chuffed about the end result!

Plus how amazingly cute are these Soludos striped espadrilles, I can't get enough of them! I love the whimsy of being able to tie a bow at the back plus they are super comfy!

Hope you all had a great Sunday! xxx

DIY Dress
Celine Trio
Valleygirl Sunglasses 
YSL Arty Ring

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