Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This space gets re-arranged every few months. There are days when I just wake up and get the urge to move the furniture around and just generally re-organize everything. 

I guess I like to keep this little space my own and keep it flowing according to my mood. When I walk in here, I walk away from everything else and I get cocooned in the heady aroma of leather and I suppose feet, seeing as my shoes live here too. 

I also like to keep the space visually appealing to me, seeing as no one else goes in here, that and they're not allowed to! Like this blog, this little "Room-drobe" is another way to creatively express myself. 

The furniture are not fancy and this room was not made to become a walk-in-robe, it was a spare room where I made a deal with The Boy. If I could solely have this room, he could solely have the garage, meaning I do not get to park my car in there. It was easily a no-brainer for me. Plus it's the only room in the house where I get full creative control. I was at one point allowed to paint it pink with yellow polka dots. Not really, I was just testing the waters, but I like knowing I'd be able to if the mood strikes.

Shelves are IKEA and Mirrors are from Fantastic Furniture. No furniture in here cost me more than $50. The drawings in the white frames were done by me where I googled my favourite images and glu-tacked the paper on the PC screen to trace it, then I coloured them as I wished. The frames are K-Mart, large ones were $8 and the small ones were $3. My favourite yellow vase was a yucky violet colour for $3 at K-Mart and I stumbled upon a yellow spray paint in the garage, yes I'm still allowed to go in there, I think!?

However big or small your space is, however fancy or simple the furniture, I think having a little space that expresses who you are is simply wonderful.

Toodles Poodles!

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