Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sharks and Giraffes

It's no secret that I love animals and when I see cute animals prints on clothing, it's very hard to resist. So when I stumbled upon these giraffe print shorts for $19.95, it just seemed blasphemous not to get them (a shopaholics reasoning for everything!). Plus who wouldn't love these Luv AJ Shark tooth pieces? They're simple yet they give enough edge to any outfit, which is what I'm always on the lookout for when it comes to accessories.

The shorts are super comfy and light, and with the ridiculous Spring heatwave we've been having, I mean, did Spring ask Summer to fill in for it's seasonal shift? Cos frankly, I find it a bit rude! I already miss the colder months. 

Even though I whinge about the summer and how gross and sticky it is, I do love all the cute things you are able to wear during the warmer months. When else can wear your bikini top as undergarment and pretend this is the look you were going for, when in reality, you have just been too lazy to do laundry.

Forever 21 Pocket Tee (similar here)
Valleygirl Giraffe Print Shorts
Balenciaga Flat Clutch
Rockstud Heels (similar here)

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