Sunday, March 23, 2014

Early Mornings

I love the peacefulness and exclusivity that early mornings provide. Wherever you are, no matter how scenic, there's something amazing about rising early. From that, you would be correct in thinking that I'm a morning person, I just love the mornings so much more. Even on my days off, I feel like it's such a waste of day if I sleep in past 8am.

Early mornings in the city takes me back to when I used to live there, especially around Hyde Park. It's amazing how much you take for granted until you no longer have it. I used to walk through Hyde Park at least twice a day and never gave it much thought half the time. Now, even with the bums and endless seagulls pooping on everything, I find it magical.

The city itself I find amazing, the early morning rays (and less crowds) makes it even more magical.

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