Friday, March 7, 2014


Excuse the horrible quality of the photos, Sydney hasn't given us much sunlight to play with. We've been having flash storms and ridiculous heatwaves due to the storm even though it's meant to be Autumn now.

I'm loving an all white ensemble with a simple contrast of this amazing Mansur Gavriel bag in Camello. It's made out of the most amazing vegetable tanned leather, which is basically untreated leather, so this will patina into something that is uniquely yours and yours alone. It's the perfect no bells and whistles bucket bag. 

I wish you all a happy friday and a great weekend to come!

Valleygirl White Tank
Valentino Rockstud Flats

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  1. Hello,
    May I ask how tall are you? I'. only 5 feet tall and I can't decide whether to get the MG regular or mini. Do you think the regular size is too big or is it comfortable.



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