Friday, April 4, 2014

Dreaming in Pink

I've been dreaming of a pink coat since Summer started last year. The best thing about living in Australia and online shopping is that, when we are all melting to the ground here, the rest of the world is braving blizzards and snowstorms. Online shopping, well, need I really explain the benefits? Didn't think so.

My point is that before our Winter even hits, or our warmer months for that matter, I am already salivating, calculating and planning what I want to update the wardrobe with for the coming cooler months after seeing what everyone else around the world is wearing.

Below is my Winter Wishlist:
~ Lace Top
~ White Pants or Jeans
~ Bright/Baby Pink Coat
~ Turtleneck Sweater
~ Plaid Print Top/Sweater
~ Fuzzy Sweater/Cardigan

Everything in that list has been satiated with just 4 budget friendly items as per below.

Pink Lapel Coat from Choies. The perfect pink, cut and style. While I love the cocoon coat, due to my stature, it just looks likes im playing dress ups with my mums clothes, it doesn't help when you're about the same height as a 5 year old. So this cut and style was perfect for me, or anyone who's vertically challenged out there.

Plaid Knitted Jumper with Roll Neck also from Choies. This item basically ticked 3 thing on my wishlist, plaid, turtleneck and fuzzy!

Lace Top (Similar Here). The top I am wearing is from Forever New, I know these are in stores but for some reason not online. The code for this lacy number is SH3081 if you want to call around. I highly recommend it. I've been looking for the perfect lace shell top and this is it!

MOTO White Jamie Jeans  from Topshop. I love all the MOTO jeans from Topshop, but especially the Jamie's. They are high waisted, perfect skinny jeans, plus the Petite Jeans range at Topshop is a lifesaver for the vertically challenged.

As you can see, everything is around $90 AUD or less. My self-moto of not buying every single thing I like is really hard to stick to. But since my last wardrobe clean out, I can finally step back and say how happy I am that I got rid of stuff I never wore and just making more mature shopping decisions. Before I buy something, I usually ask myself, am I buying this for my imaginary life or my real life? If I bought this item, is it something I will wear tomorrow? If the answer is no, then my wallet stays happy, still anorexic but happy. 

Forever New Lace Top (Similar Here)
DIY Agate Ring

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