Friday, February 1, 2013

Blown Over

I don't know why I bothered to do my hair. It was certainly a weird trip.
Tucking into her poached eggs.
Toasted banana bread is the bomb!
Loving Felicity's arm swag!
Such a good model.
Felicity picking off grass around my shoes so she could take a better photo. Highlight of the day!

Hyde Park - beautiful, windy or not.

Contemplating going for a dip.
We love our studs!
His mullet is so cool, it needs to be on a shirt.
Vintage clothing.
Not sure if this is still T2, but it's certainly funkier.
Oh Oxford St, the memories you bring up.
Because you can't end the day without purchases.
Yep, we bought the same necklace.

Best homegrown labels.
Cab shenanigans!
I love a headless shot. Felicity showing off her new ID necklace.
Another quick meal. It's not a Felicity and Anne day without downing a few rounds of food.

No better way to finish the day than some fro-yo's.

Today was spent trying to find an outfit for my friend. Severe rain was forecasted today and oh boy did it not disappoint! Just glad we weren't caught in it!

A day spent with Felicity is not complete without lots of food and buying the exact same accessories.

Outfit was eventually found and everyone was happy, with the exception of our feets!

Photos taken by Felicity Race.

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