Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hems & Crushes

I've been lusting over assymetric hem mini skirts for a while. I am not a skirt person and I don't particularly fancy forking over $150 for a pair of skirt that I may or may not wear. I've been thinking about making one and give it my own twist, or buying a normal A-line skirt and ammending the hem to what I like.

I will be going to Melbourne next week so, i'll definitely be on the lookout for these.

Since were on a subject of skirts, I may aswell introduce my current girl crush. She herself can rock a skirt like no ones business.

Barbara Martelo worked for Vogue Spain before becoming a freelance stylist. The woman is fierce! Her style is minimalist and fuss free, yet she makes it oh so special.

Could I just be her already? Otherwise, i'll just have those Alaia heels please!

Honestly, what a babe!

Just a few of her enviable Balmain pieces below *drools*

The infamous $7000 Balmain ripped tee - sure, i'll take one in every colour thanks!

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