Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Coffee's adoption photo - it was that milk beard and piercing blue eyes that won us over.
Biscuit's adoption photo - how could you say no to that face?
Pondering her existence
I love capturing a yawn moment

BFF's Forever/Partners In Crime
I'd like to introduce my furry friends, Coffee and Biscuit. Coffee is the black and white female and Biscuit is the silver and white bushy-tailed male. 

I'm learning how to use a camera and they are the best subjects, well most of the time. How do you tell a cat how to pose and to stay still?

Perfume corner

Just a quick post as i'm trying to learn how to use a new camera. I'm still pretty woeful and it turns out that what you might see on the camera screen may not be exactly how it will look once uploaded.

The focusing part is becoming the bane of my existence. I envy those who can capture a great photo, in beautiful lighting and the perfect focus.

But as they say, practice makes perfect!

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