Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Warmers

This pot plant was given to my BF and I as a house warming gift from his sister.When she gave it to us, it was filled with white flowers with faint tinges of purple. I just looked at it and admired and knowing deep down it was never going to last. Plants and I don't seem to mix. I placed it in the bathroom so its close to water (as a reminder to myself) and sufficient sunlight and out of reach from the furry friends.

Nearly 2 years on, I cannot believe it has survived. It even survived nearly 3 weeks of no water as I forgot to remind my BF to water it while I was gallivanting around San Francisco and New York.

You're probably wondering what this plant has to do with winter. We'll after having it for 2 years, I realized that it starts to flower around Autumn. As you can see, the first bud has peaked its head out and I cannot wait for it to open to ring in the cooler months.

My Winter Rainbow
Loving these fine necklaces. I thought I would take the term "Crazy Cat Lady" to new heights with my embossed cat pendants, keeping my furry friends close to my heart at all times *crazy*
Shoes that will be in heavy rotation to keep my toes warm
Winter means candlelit warm bubble baths and I cannot wait to use these bath salts I picked up at Pier 39 at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco, the ducky needs to be test driven!

 I love (!!!!!!!!!!) winter. In my younger years, summer was the best season. The days at the beach and endless tanning, but something recently has turned that around for me. Maybe it's the fact that I live far away from the beach now. While growing up the 2 main beaches in my hometown were only less than 15 mins away. Now it's an arduous drive through hideous traffic. I also find myself less patient with the heat, and tanning, well I'm more aware of skin cancer now. 

Remember kids, tanning is your skin cells in trauma!
So today, after finishing another assignment and waiting for my BF to wake up, as I needed for him to help pin my garment on me and take snaps so I could send it in for marking, I got to thinking about how excited I am about my winter wardrobe.

I had recently purchased some patterned jeans (on sale! oh yeah!) and while I was browsing, I found the cutest tie-dye beanie. All summer long I've been slowly collecting winter stuff. Though it probably helped that I was in the US at the beginning of their winter and all the cheap and oh-so-cute clothing shops there were selling sweaters, which is my biggest vice. If I see a sweater, you bet I'll want it!

Don't even get me started on leather jackets. Yes I have a lot, more that one person needs - but i'm little and I get very cold in winter - that's my excuse!

P.S. Does anyone know what I can clean my Hunter Wellies with? I don't know why it has white powdery marks, I've tried rubbing a damp cloth, but it dries white again. 
Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Oh my goodness...I LOVE your winter wardrobe! :D I found your blog via TPF, and this is coming from a Norwegian (Ie. from "the land of neverending winter") - that winter wardrobe kicks butt. So many great colours, and oh...those leather jackets! <3 The first and second ones are especially gorgeous. Can I ask where they're from? :) And that double-skull bracelet...is it Alexander McQueen? Either way, it's all absolutely lovely!

    Lots of hugs from the cooooold, wintery North!


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