Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bright Lights & Buffets

The most delectable dessert bar
I should not be allowed out in public
Winnings - stashed away safely in Balenciaga
Throwing on a casual shirt, at the end of the night for a spot of grocery shopping

Our second night in Melbourne saw us to The Conservatory at the Crowne Casino. I just love the setting and decor in there. I must make a mental note to buy a Muumuu dress for buffet dinners attire. Skinny jeans will not get you your moneys worth people! At my 3rd plate of seafood, my boyfriend said to me "The ocean called, they're running out of creatures" - RUDE!

After dinner we gambled a smidgen and walked around the casino for a little bit. Melbourne has the best night weather during summer. I love that it cools down significantly no matter how hot it was during the day.

I threw on a pastel lavender blazer and loved the way it looked with my neon yellow necklace. By far one of my favourite buys last year was this blazer, not only is the colour amazing, but the price was at a ridiculous $24.95! The cost per wear has probably reached to about $0.05 now. I also have it another colour. I was also trying to dabble in statement necklace layering and wearing my favourite ear cuffs. I usually have my hair down and when it's up I like to bedazzle my head as much as possible. 

Blazer: Valleygirl / Singlet Top: ASOS / Chambray Shirt: Jay Jays / Coated Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Chloe / Clutch: Balenciaga / Necklaces: Lovisa & Sportsgirl / Earcuff: Withlovekirstenboutique / Rings: YSL & Etsy


  1. Are all your photos taken on an iphone chick? They look great!

    1. Thanks! I wish it was with an iPhone as it wouldn't be as clunky to carry around. But I'm using a Cannon DSLR.


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