Saturday, December 7, 2013


It's December, tis' the season to be jolly. If by jolly, you mean stressed out then that saying is hitting the spot. Christmas time usually means holiday festivities or end of year parties and they usually require some sort of outfit. As if it's not already an expensive time of year, now you need to buy ensembles so you don't look the same in all the Facebook photos you're tagged in.

You have a few options, the cheapest being, changing your privacy status on Facebook so, you alone, are the only one who can see any photos you're tagged in and just wear the same outfit everywhere, or you could spend up big on "outfits" and just have a $10 limit for everyone you need to buy presents for, or be savvy and pull out your basic staple pieces and just accessorize them differently.

Monochromatic, whether they're still on trend or not, I haven't really been keeping tabs, is the best way to go. You cannot tell me you don't have a sparkly or a stand-out shoe or clutch in your wardrobe that you can just spice up your ensembles with. If you don't, go out and buy one and just say you conveniently forgot that you had a cousin-twice-removed that you had to buy a present for.

To sum it all up, plan ahead, rummage your wardrobe and maybe give yourself a resolution not to buy any more outfits until you wear all the items hanging in your wardrobe that still have tags on them *guilty*.

Ally PU Top (Old) (Similar Here)
DIY Fluted/Frill Skirt
Zara Sequin Heels (Old) (Similar Here and Here)
Prada SPR 17OS Sunglasses
YSL Arty Ring

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  1. I love this outfit! So simple, but the pop of colour from the clutch and the accessories give it the perfect edge.

    Your blog is making me wish for winter to be over (3.5 months and counting!!)!

    Aimee x


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