Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This golden oldie is a surprise favourite of mine. The thought of a long coat overwhelms me emotionally and physically. I just feel like anything long swallows my frame, especially as I'm not the most tiniest person, vertically yes, but horizontally, no.

This old Zara trench has the best silhouette I've ever found in a trench. I wasn't really actively looking for a trench coat as they have never really appealed to me. During one of my lunch breaks a few years back and by lunch breaks, I mean Zara trips, and these Zara trips always resulted in a purchase. Lets just say I had to live on noodles for months. Zara had just opened in Sydney and I was completely smitten with anything and everything Zara. Anyways, I digress....where was I? Oh yeah, I stumbled upon this trench and the thing that drew me to it was it's amazing power shoulders. Everything was about power shoulders then. The bigger the better! The Dynasty wardrobe was definitely a great influence. Just lucky that the big teased hair wasn't in, or maybe it was and it just went over me.

I think the shoulder pads balances the whole trench out and this will definitely be a forever wardrobe staple.

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