Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comfy Lazy

This is probably my tenth million pair of boyfriend jeans, and why not? They're so damn comfortable. Don't even get me started on hooded vest, my new obsession!

Winter is in full force here in Sydney. It's finally hit us and it's damn freezing. About 30 seconds into putting on this bomber vest, I start to feel toasty. Cute and practical! Unfortunately during the cooler months, I can't always just throw on cuter outfits. Sometimes it can look a little daggy but as long as I'm warm and comfortable, I'll dag it with the best of them.

Bomber Vest: Josh Goot
Jeans: JayJay's
Top: Valleygirl
Clutch: Givenchy
Shoes: Isabel Maran
Sunglasses: Oakley
Necklace: House Of Harlow

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