Monday, July 1, 2013

Blacked Out

Running errands on a rainy gloomy Saturday morning required a no fuss (and waterproof!) ensemble. My favourite jeans of the moment are these old pair of Levi's, they are so worn in and so old, so I gave them a makeover. I tapered the ends of the jeans to make them skinnier and decided to shred some holes in them. I love gaining a new pair of item without having to spend a cent!

Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Levi's / Tee: Givenchy / Bag: Balenciaga / Shoes: Chanel / Beanie: Cotton On / Rings: DIY Aquamarine Ring & Etsy


  1. Oooh! The jeans look really good! :D I wish I was as handy with a needle and thread as you are. :)

  2. Beautiful outfit ;) Amazing jacket ;)

    I am following you beautiful blog on bloglovin and hope you follow back

    1. Thank you, am following you on Bloglovin' now.


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