Sunday, July 28, 2013

The White Skort Suit

I have always wanted a white short suit, but why settle for shorts when you can have a skort suit? The Zara and Zara-inspired skorts are everywhere! Even though everyone and their grandma's are sporting them, I can't stay away. It also eliminates the fear of wearing short skirts for me. It's an irrational fear of people accidentally seeing my undies in public. Though the way I see the youngens dress these days, I think this fear should be instilled in everyone to be honest.

Ok enough of my old fogey preaching. 

What better way to break up an all white ensemble, for fear of looking like I should be in the nearest ER somewhere, than pairing it with red. I am not much of a red person. I don't own a lot of red, I just personally think it doesn't suit my skin tone. But that's what's fun about clothes and accessories, getting to play around with them and seeing your style evolve.

Happy Sunday!

Blazer: Valleygirl
Tee: Sportsgirl
Skort: eBay
Shoes: Etsy
Clutch: Givenchy
Sunglasses: Celine


  1. I've seen that skort paired way too many times with simple black, so it's a really nice refreshing change to see how you wore it with red. Really makes that colour pop!


  2. You look totally fab in red in my opinion! :D Just sayin'. ;) that a new Antigona clutch from Givenchy!? omg! It's so hot!

    1. Thanks Maja =D Yes the clutch is a newbie. I won it in a competition, so surreal cos I really wanted this thing.

  3. Stripes everywhere I look now and I´m loving it.


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