Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frugal Fiend Creates Sporty Luxe

The before pics of the top and sweat pants.

So over the weekend I came across these really cute sweat shorts while I was out and about the city. I loved them and contemplated getting them. I however have these rules for myself where I see an item and then decide whether it's worth paying the asking price. Most of the time the answer is no. I mean, the shorts were only $42.95. Now you're probably wondering why I even had to mull that over considering I can pay through the nose for designer shoes and bags. Those are different, they are pieces, for me anyways, worth investing in. When it comes to clothes, I have set prices in my head of how much I'm willing to pay. $42.95 is a hefty amount to pay for a pair of sweat shorts for me, so my mind went into over drive and thought about buying the material and just making it from scratch. I decided to make it less painful for myself and just buy the sweat and alter it instead.

This is where K-Mart comes to mind. That place is a treasure trove for frugal fiends like me. I see a lot of clothing items there that are amazing on their own or can become amazing with a little alteration or an addition of a button. The top cost me $5.50 and the sweat pants were $8.50. Did a little snip and tuck and voila! I have myself a sporty luxe outfit that probably cost less than the petrol I used to obtain the items. 

These are the types of outfits I love, they can look great whether dressed up or down. Also great for lazy dressers like me.

Top & Shorts: K-Mart (altered) / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Sunglasses: Oakley / Watch: Roxy / Rings: YSL & Etsy / Bangle: Withlovekirsten


  1. I love this DIY on you!! I know for a fact that if I were to DIY this, I would not look as fantastic as you do. You styled it just right, with some girly statement accessories from the necklace to the colored mirrored sunglasses.. both pieces I've been searching for!


  2. This is such a great DIY! :D I love how creative you are with clothes and being on a budget, and those necklaces seriously make the outfit rock. Gotta love a bit of neon! :D And, y'know...I'm a total frugal fiend/bargain queen myself, so I'm SO totally feeling you on this one. ;)


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