Saturday, March 30, 2013

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them

I've been complaining a lot about how summer really needs to just go away now. Im sick of sweating and frizzy hair. So instead of crying about it, why not just enjoy it? It's obviously not something I can control. The week has been pretty good weather wise, apart from the humidity. 

This little ensemble is actually a trapeze top and loose shorts, though it looks like a short dress. I don't know how comfortable I would be wearing this had it been a dress. Trapeze type dresses or tops move a lot and they like to blow up in the wind. Trust me, I don't need to flash the public anymore than I already have. My underwear is bought to be worn under clothing, not for show. So when I saw this outfit and found out it was shorts, it was definitely a go-er! Not only that, I picked it up for $10, not each, but for both. How can you honestly go wrong? 

I picked it up at one of those, I hate to say this, but a friend of mine refers to it as those cheap and nasty stores. It's a store or space, if you will, that just has metal racks after metal racks. Basically 90% of the things in the store is $10. Some jackets can stretch to $20. But over the years I've found some gems in there and but I cannot for the life of me even remember what the stores are called.

Due to the Easter long weekend, businesses aren't allowed to trade on Good Fridays and Easter Sundays. For some reason, this sets the public into panic mode. So the Saturday between those days when the shops are allowed to open, it's like a cue for people to go on a mad rush and stock up on anything and everything like they're stocking up for a nuclear war.

I'd run out of cat food and there's really no way around that. I can't give the cats human food as I don't know if a) they'll even eat it or like it or b) if it's even good for them. I was already hyperventilating at the thought of braving the shops. As soon as I got there, I got lucky with parking, a guy had just left and I took over and as I was leaving and pushing my trolley of shopping to the car (I didn't end up just buying cat food), someone was already stalking me from behind for a parking spot.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe everyone was there as they all ran out of cat food and just decided to pick up other stuff along the way.

Top & Shorts: One Way / Clutch: Balenciaga / Shoes: Chanel / Sunglasses: Oakley / Bracelets: Balenciaga, DIY Neon Yellow Chain Bracelet, Colette & Withlovekirsten / Watch: Seiko / Necklaces: Etsy & Lovisa


  1. omg just found your blog and absolutely love it! you've got amazing accessories honey:) and your sunnies wow!
    we will definitely come back! lots and lots of love from Zurich!
    Rachel and Nina from

  2. I'm obsessed with your adorable outfit! your sunglasses add the PERFECT touch! you look so cute!


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