Thursday, March 14, 2013

See My Vest

Putting some tweaks on the pattern
Zippers and layers of material
Making up the pattern in calico to test out the fit
Testing how the fabric paint will look on the fabric
My chosen colours
Painting the fabric for the pocket opening first incase of any mistakes
Starting on the actual material. It was definitely but, but labour intensive
I also made it up in white, using different strokes with the brush. The white vest I made up with wadding so it's a lot thicker and would be great for the much colder months.
This is how the skirt originally looked

I've been eyeing a Josh Goot hooded bomber vest for ages, but at $1200+ a pop and my unemployment status, it's an unlikely match to ever acquiring one.

So I thought it time to be innovative. Since im in the midst of millions of assignments that require me to make up patterns with my personal measurements and truckloads of garment assembly, why not apply what I've learnt so far to a piece of garment I really want but cannot afford.

There was no way I was going to ever find the exact same fabric. The vest itself is made of 100% silk, hence the price tag. I also assume the print is only developed for the designer himself, so looking for an exact print that may or may not exist for the public sounded too daunting. I scoured most fabric stores available to me (and also within my budget) and found nothing close to it. Then came the thought of recreating the fabric myself, I knew it wasn't going to look exactly the same, or close to it, but it would be good enough as long as the colourway was similar. After all, fabric paint exists for a reason.

Im pretty proud of how it's turned out. I usually go on this innovative creative journeys only to hate what i've ended up with. I'm glad this one worked out as the painting alone was really intense. Im still undecided wether I should do the hood or just leave it black, but I think either way looks fine.

The skirt im wearing is a $15 K-Mart purchase. It was a simple pencil skirt, but I loved the faux-leather panel in the middle. I decided to re-construct the hem to make it a little more visually interesting.

Vest: DIY / Tank: ASOS / Skirt: K-Mart (with DIY reconstructed hem) / Heels: Diavolina / Necklace: House of Harlow / Watch: Roxy / Sunglasses: Oakley

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