Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Harnessing Black & Gold

 I love a black and gold combo, especially when it's dressed down. It can be eye-catching and subdued at the same time.

I got this Sass & Bide harness a few months back. I remember my boyfriend asking if I was a horse when I told him I wanted to get a harness, pfft, boys! I love it's verstality, its reversible, here im showing the chevron side, while the other side is just black leather outlined with the gold hardware. It's also especially handy that you can remove the bottom part that's meant to go around your waist, so it can just be a necklace.

This dress was a purchase last summer and at $9.95, I knew I should have picked up the other watermelon colour it came in. You'll find that my clothing will consists of budget friendly chainstore pieces. I have a specific amount in my head of what I want to spend on certain pieces. I find that with clothing, there's just so many choices at such affordable price. So while I skimp on clothing, I can balance it out with what I spend on accessories. It's what I tell myself and how I sleep at night.

I hope everyones having a good start to the week so far.

Dress: TEMT / Sandals: Human Premium / Bag: Chanel / Harness: Sass & Bide / Sunglasses: Celine / Bracelets: Balenciaga, eBay & withlovekirsten

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