Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I cannot I believe this perspex goodie was only $14.95!

Sunday was spent trawling the city for bargain buys in my new Chanel espadrilles. The lambskin is butter on your feet, highly recommended if you have the chance to snap one up. Finding your size in the colour & material combo you want is ridiculous!

I got this biker leather jacket custom made and I was able to pick out the colour I wanted it in. This is inspired from a Balmain jacket I've been eyeing but could not and will not ever afford, pretty happy with the way its turned out and the colour is more amazing in person. It was such a steal too!

 My new phone cover! I'm not even ashamed to admit how much I freaking love this cover. I feel like I'll need to explain that I'm not in-fact an 8 year old girl every time I pull my phone out of my bag. I love that its huge, doesn't slip out of my hand, so its ergonomically great and there's no chance of dropping it on my face when I'm going through on my phone lying down. Even if I do drop it on my face again, it wouldn't be so hard this time.

Doing what I do best *sigh*

My fave outfit combo so far, stress-free dressing is where its at! And by stress-free, I mean lazy.

A Chanel experience. 

This is the best sneak shot I could get when I was inside the boutique. I didn't even bother asking if I was allowed to. I find it strange that in Australia you are not allowed to take photos of merchandise in stores. When I was in the US, I thought they would be the same, but no one ever stopped me.

More antigona love! I cannot get over this bag, considering it was an impulse purchase and didn't think I would even like it. I only really bought it cos it was such a steal! Which only proves that sometimes a crazy non-thought-out purchases can work in your favour. A shopaholics excuse if I ever heard one.

Lusting after some lace up heels and these Aquazzura pythons and Schutz eyelet heels are my picks.

Decisions, decisions!

I certainly love me some ice cream cookie sangas!

Doing more of what I also do best.

I love Instagram! Such a fun and easy program to use. Instant picture sharing without bulky cameras.

I especially love it when I'm lusting after an item and google images doesn't give me sufficient pictures, Instagram does! For example, Isabel Marant Bayleys were on my mind. But only having seen it on people like Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele, I kept putting it in the back of my mind. It looks great on them, but what does that mean for me?

Then came all the pics of people in their IM Bayley's, girlies and some lads, in all shapes and sizes and they all looked amazing. It was a no brainer after that! Ok, it might sound like IG is a shop-a-holics enabler, I'm not going to deny it isn't, but it's such a handy little tool.

You also come across some really friendly and helpful strangers who share your interest. After all, people find you from what it is you tag, so you will always find like-minded shop-a-holics in my case. Nothing fuels a (now poor) shop-a-holic like seeing other peoples purchases and sharing in their joy, even if it is vicariously.

Toodles for now!  
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