Thursday, March 28, 2013



 I am on a serious shopping ban. It physically hurts right now and the only thing keeping me slightly sane is Polyvore. Polyvore lets you create outfits without a budget. Imagine not having a budget? I'd never sleep! 

I find that curating outfits sort of calms the inner shopping demons. I love that the outfits can be outlandish and avant garde, though probably given the chance, I'd wear them all to the tee! 

Summer just doesn't seem to want to leave. Take a hint Summer, you've have your 3 months of fame, now let Autumn blossom already!

Tee: Supre / Shorts: Valleygirl / Heels: Windsor Smith / Bag: Alexander Wang / Sunglasses: Celine, Rings: YSL & Etsy / Bangles: Ebay finds / Necklaces: Lovisa & Withlovekirsten

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  1. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog


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