Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Extremely Frilled

I've been lusting over a flute skirt for a while now and I happened to stumble upon someone on Instagram wearing this amazing white textured flute skirt. All I know is that it was from ASOS, however, my attempt at trying to search for it failed.

With growing frustration, I rummaged through my materials, found this textured white fabric that I hoarded a while back and managed to also find a white zipper, it was my lucky day! A few google searches on how to emulate the best pattern for the half circle frill part of the skirt, and I was off.

After I made the skirt, someone had kindly pointed out to me what the name of the skirt was, and it was on the ASOS site the whole time, but luckily not in the white, which is what I was after. Saved myself $65 and taught myself how to make the flute/half circle frill. The top half of the skirt was easy enough as I'd learnt to make the pencil skirt pattern a few months back. 

I'm pretty happy with the result and I think I will make it in a nice pop of pink or printed fabric in the near future. 

What do you think of the flute skirts?

There's definitely a girlier side of me trying to come out lately.

Dolly Black Singlet
DIY Flute Textured Skirt (ASOS Version Here)
Christian Louboutin Pigalle Heels
Balenciaga Flat Clutch


  1. Beautiful honey!!!
    Love your cluth.Kisses

  2. LOVE the bag and the shoes, damn <3


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