Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I . N . F . L . U . E . N . C . E

I know, I know! It's so cliche to love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but honestly, how can you not? Their love of avant-garde fashion and how they always manage to pull off amazing and sometimes strange ensembles all at the same time is just awe inspiring.  

The fact that Mary-Kate toted around the most beat up, worn and ripped Hermes Kelly, put a few people, and by a few people, I mean the crazy die-hard Hermes fans on The Purseforum, into a spin. Comments like "Can she not afford to buy a decent looking bag?" made me re-think them as fashion icons. Yes she can afford a yacht full of brand new Hermes bags, but the fact that she chose not to gave her some cred in my book.

Speaking of which, their aptly titled book Influence is just that to me, influential. The book comprises of people in the fashion industry who have influenced them throughout the years. It's filled with amazing pictures of the twins in amazing outfits and an insight into their favourite accessories. Every time I open the book, I feel like I'm being taken into the magical world of fashion that's at their fingertips, but out of reach of mine. The fantasy of it all makes it magical to me. 

This is basically just a composition of some of the books contents and styling it with some of my favourite items and accessories.


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Anne xox