Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 Ok I have an unhealthy obsession with extremely distressed denim. The brand One Teaspoon has excited me with their denim since they came out with the extremely low-rise distressed denim skirts with lace/broderie anglais detailing acting as sort of like a petticoat. As an 18yr old back then, it was the one thing I coveted but could never afford. I remember each time my mum took me to our local mall, I'd always asked if we could stop by General Pants just so I could see them and touch them. I never ended up getting one, but the frugal fiend inside me had bought a similar looking denim skirt and went to the local fabric store and attached lace to my denim skirts. It was the closest thing I would have ever come to owning one.

To this day, One Teaspoon is still as amazing as ever and possibly excites me more than it ever did. No one beats their distressed and edgy denim at such affordable price points. With non-chalant fashion trends these days, you can see the most trashed denim get paired with heels for a semi-dressed up look. All I know is that I'm on board! 

Any Tom, Dick, Jane and Sarah can get dolled up and put on their best LBD and heels, but what really excites me is when I see someone in an ensemble that makes you re-think how you can wear a specific item in your wardrobe. Alexander Wang put it best when he was quoted saying "Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are most intriguing". 

I could not agree more!

Temt Neon Striped Tank
Valleygirl Belt
Chanel Jumbo XL Bag
Chloe Ankle Boots
D.I.Y Star Necklace (similar styles here)
YSL Arty Ring

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