Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sunsets and Blings

You could say that I develop attachments to materialistic things. My excuse is that I appreciate a lot of things and there are just too many pretty things out there.

One of the things I'm very loyal to is my jewellery. I like them to be simplistic and very wearable/durable with an edge. For example, the Argentium stack rings that I bought from Etsy nearly 2 years ago, I have not left the house without one of them attached to my digits. They were dirt cheap (I'm talking $5 each!), I wash my hands with them and wear them day in day out to work and there is not a scratch or disfigurement in them. But I have been meaning to add to my repertoire of jewels and finally bit the bullet on these Luv Aj items.

I have been wanting a handpiece or slave bracelet for ages but had always been worried about how they would wear or whether they were everyday friendly. Let's just say they haven't left my hand since I got them. I absolutely love them! Don't even get me started on ear cuffs! 

I'm just really crushing on The Luv Aj Shark Tooth Collection at the moment.

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Balenciaga Bag

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