Monday, April 8, 2013

Phone Snippets

 I read The Archie comics growing up and i'm loving this MAC campaign!

 Loving me some hoola hoop!

 It's not a successful visit to the city without some Moochi fro-yo's!

 Miss B-Town relaxing at the Botanical Gardens. I'm falling in-love with her all over again!

 Miss Chanel and I enjoying The Script concert 

Just a quick and random post on what i've been snapping on my phone lately.

I don't think an outfit post will be likely this week as it will be a little busy. I'm volunteering for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. It's great that we're allowed to take pictures, however we are not allowed, as volunteers, to put them on any social media sites while the event is running. Which is perfectly fine with me. So i'm hoping to snap some great pictures and share them next week sometime.

I witnessed a great show today and saw so many people who are like rock-stars to me, like my fave Aussie bloggers and stylists and a few people I follow on Instagram, so I've been star struck all day long. The biggest would probably be Christine Centenera, that was a major moment for me. I couldn't even concentrate and just stared. I hope I didn't look too creepy.

I hope everyone is having a fun week!


  1. COOL Pics! <3
    I hope it was okey that I posted your photo on My blog?


    1. Not a problem at all. It was a surprise to see myself there. Thank you for liking the picture =D

  2. Oh my goodness that Michael Kors bag is to die for!
    Great pictures!

    Natasha Carly x
    Pretty Little Lives


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